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Dréan Conseil is a consulting firm guided by simple fundamentals: listening, reactivity, exchange and pragmatism.

Dréan Conseil is an expert in the business of Tourism and Leisure: Dréan Conseil provides you with a rich know-how that makes it a professional and special interlocutor, from the very first thoughts about a tourism project to the commencement of operations and commercialisation.

Dréan Conseil acted as operator, manager and developer on several occasions and created a privileged relationship with a network of partners who each contributes to enrich and to add value to the answers and the guidance that Dréan Conseil brings you along your projects.
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the operators and managers in the development and sustainability of their production tools through operation audits, laying out procedures, enhancing the professionalism, hiring and commercialisation.

the promoters in making their real estate projects come true: engineering the buildings locations and the organisation of space, searching for and advising on potential [operators/managers]
local governments and mixed capital corporations in their thinking, their expression of needs, the engineering and validation of their projects
to develop tourism and/or profit centres.

  the search of promoters
and [operators/managers]

  in the strategy for making a location become known as a tourist destination.
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